20 things that truly happy people don’t do

happy man

20 things happy people never do

  • Never ignore strangers.
  • Never expect anything in return for giving.
  • Never doubt themselves.
  • Never ignore their heart.
  • Never take things personally.
  • Never believe their fear is real.
  • Never hold grudges.
  • Never body bash themselves or others.
  • Never try to change others; they accept everyone for who they are.
  • Never feel obligated to do things Never want to.
  • Never ignore their instincts.
  • Never resist change.
  • Never stay in a situation that no longer serves them … ever.
  • Never look outside of themselves to be happy.
  • Never ignore their dreams and inner desires.
  • Never consider themselves broken or think that they need to be fixed.
  • Never judge others.
  • Never complain.
  • Never avoid risk.
  • Never blame others and they take full responsibility for their lives

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