Why Pakistan Is Still A Developing Country? 

Despite countless challenges, Pakistan has progressed but not as much to be counted in the developed nations of the world. Pakistan and India got independence on the very same date.But why is it that India is far ahead of Pakistan in terms of economy and development? Why is Pakistan lagging behind even after 69 years of independence and still considered a developing country? Whereas it should have been progressing by leaps and bounds in industry, in agriculture, in technology and in every other field that puts a nation in the most deserving category of developed countries of the world.

Why Pakistan is still a developing country?

Here is a list that will point out the flaws acting as a hurdle in the way of our getting into the developed nations of world.

1. Illiteracy

Education is the core element that plays a vital role in the development of any nation. Pakistan is however not fortunate enough to have the highest rate of literacy. According to UNESCO, as of 2012 the literacy rate of Pakistan was 58% while that of India was 75%, although the population of India is by far greater than Pakistan. Education is the basic road towards progress and prosperity of any nation. It should be given its due importance.

2. Agriculture

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Most of our economy is dependent on the money generated through agriculture. This thing alone could have lifted the status of Pakistan to the developed and prosperous nation of the world. But the lack of proper strategizing on part of the specialists has caused us to stand in the queue of developing countries even long after decades of independence.

3. Energy Crisis in Pakistan

With time a country progresses but unfortunately Pakistan is not among those countries to be counted. After independence as the time passed, Pakistan failed to meet the increasing energy demands of the country. Even though there came a time when people started saying that we are going to the times of caves. So the shortage of electricity in real sense has put us all in a state of dilemma. The industries and factories have shut down resulting in the lowering of economy.

4. Terrorism

There used to be a time when Pakistan was regarded as a peaceful and harmonious country having no state of chaos and anarchy. But as time passed, we saw a sudden shift in the course of events. Pakistan went from a state of tranquility to a state of violence. Which was not only disturbing for the citizens of Pakistan but the foreign world also started viewing us with a skeptical eye resulting in the reduction of trade, tourism and therefore economy. This has proved to be a great hurdle in the way of our getting into the developed nations of the world.

5. Unemployment

The lowest literacy rate, increasing rate of population, increased competition for jobs and major energy crisis have led to the alarming state of unemployment. Youth that are regarded as pillars of the state, have to face extreme consequences of unemployment, leaving them disappointed. Much of whom find refuge in fleeing the country for finding jobs. As a result, the talent that should be serving the country for its prosperity, flees to serve other nations rising their status of development.

6. Poor are deprived, rich are blessed

In Pakistan, power lies in the hands of few. In a country where poor people are deprived of the basic necessities of life, the feudal, bureaucrats and rich people enjoy all the luxuries of life. Also the poor and less privileged are punished for committing a crime while those having references roam around freely. How can we then expect our country to be counted among the developed and advanced nations of the world? We can only progress if we eradicate the evil causes of discrimination and help prevail a state of equality.

7. Economy

Right from start the economy of Pakistan was thriving. In late 60s, Pakistan was praised for its economic progression which kept on burgeoning. However the growth later on slowed down mostly due to the economic mismanagement and flawed economic policies. A visible rise in public debt was seen.

8. Inflation

Inflation is the constant rising of prices’ level in any country. Till Musharraf’s era, we saw stability in the economy and prices but then a sudden drift in prices was observed.It has thus eroded the real income and adversely affected the overall economic growth. It certainly is one of the greatest hurdle in the way of development.

9. GDP

Gross domestic product is the overall money generated annually through goods and services within a country. Pakistan has undoubtedly shown impressive growth in terms of GDP over the decades. But it hasn’t been as stable as to be put in the ranking category of developed nations of the world. We have to put extra efforts to join the race of prosperous nations of the world.

10. Industry

Countries with strong industrial setup show marked difference in economic growth and living standards. Pakistan’s industrial sector was going smooth but lately it has faced some problems pertaining to bad law and order situation and changing economic policies resulting in lower investment, lack of technical knowledge and above all, power shortages.

Pakistan is a country of hard working and motivated people. In order to get in the list of developed nations of the world we have to put our efforts individually as well as collectively. A country can grow only if its people are educated enough, follow rules and laws, observe ethics, know their rights and most of all, where equality is given its due importance.



  1. Excellent piece that really lays out the issues. Perhaps your writing will open the eyes of those who can help effect positive change! Perhaps you will become such a leader in commerce or government. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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