PSL T20 

Pakistanis are very ignorant when it comes to learning the ground realities of FACTS. This is a league…teams are franchises…meaning each team is BOUGHT by a buyer and that owner will place the team wherever he or she wants.
Now if the business community of Multan got together and bought a franchise to place a team in Multan, why are some of you crying? Why doesn’t the business community of Kashmir do something? Bradford and Upper Midlands of the United Kingdom are full of Mirpuri and rich business groups. They could easily buy a franchise, but they didn’t.
So stop crying and whining about things and start educating yourself on how the world works. You people live in conspiracy theories and myths and it only makes you look incredibly foolish.
And let me add further,  Multan represents Southern Punjab (Seraikistan), so I don’t know what you’re talking about “Punjab favoritism”. The actual Punjab is only around Lahore, Kasur, Sialkot, Faisalabad region. Potohar (Northern Punjab) and Seraikistan (Southern Punjab) are traditionally not Punjabi and they have there own culture. 
Southern Punjab is more closely related to Sindh anyway.
And as for those saying Balochistan is the biggest province…yes, by area wise it is, not by population. The total population of Balochistan is estimated at 12 million right now. There are more people living in Karachi city than all of Balochistan combined.
Last point is this…maybe one day a team will eventually expand to Kashmir or Balochistan. Expansion is an ongoing process. The world didn’t end today if (fill in your city here) didn’t get a PSL team.
If this is how you people behave with regards to a cricket league, I can only imagine the myths and conspiracy theories you people spread about CPEC. Pakistanis are there own worst enemy.
Be rational, educate yourself and think logically please before making comments.


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