there is no single public department present in Pakistan where we don’t find any corrupt person. It happens because there are only few people who do their work honestly while other don’t like to work honestly. Due to the lake of religious awareness people don’t fear from GOD while taking bribes from other people. Corruption is the mother of each and every evil not only in Pakistan but also on all across the world. It cause many major problem in every beloved country. As many of the people don’t get justice due to corrupt politicians and other persons who have power.

It also cause the unemployment in our country. People who have power can snatch the rights of those persons who don’t have power to face them. Moreover it cause the crimes in a country because people who use to do crimes like theft and many other can give bribe to police man and they let them go without asking any question to them. Corruption is the black spot on our beloved country which have should have erased as soon as possible. Without government interference one cannot control over this circumstance. Our government have to take some steps to eliminate corruption form the country and the corrupt person either they are politician or local native they should sand to jail as soon as possible.


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