The word “hope” is small but its meaning and concept is so vast, that it is difficult to carry out its accurate meaning or definition. However, according to Cambridge’s Dictionary, its meaning is something good that you want to happen in the future, or a confident feeling about what will happen in the future. 

Life on this planet is possible because of hope. If the conscious of hope is over, nothing will be left behind. If a man knows that he may die after one year, he will give up all his business. If a goat could know about his fate that tomorrow, a knife will cut his throat; he may never jump here and there from the happiness. We are completely blind to the future and even we cannot predict for a few minutes, and of course, it is good for us that we are blind to the future and lives our life based on hope. 
It is quite clear that we help each other because of hope. Based on this hope, the society is connected and bound tightly in deep relations like the stars in the sky. If we run our eyes around us, we will be to witness of several of hundred examples. There is no gainsaying the fact that in our society, each one is connected and working based on the hope. Farmers are working hard in their field to take yield of different foodstuffs. Teachers and Professors take classes to their students, based on the hope to earn money. In fact, everything are connected and done, based on the hope. Even Muslims and other religious groups perform their religious acts, for the hope of heaven and satisfaction at the resurrection day.

There are deep effects of hope on the lives of human beings. Owing to this truth of blindness and hope, the life on this earth is passing normal. Each one is ready for the help of others because in return of something in future. So far, in general, all the events are taking place, owing to the truth of hope.


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