Give up Modi, the US will never be on your side

The US is not likely to sever the very strategic and seriously important ties it has with its ally Pakistan anytime soon.

Last month, a US petition to designate Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism gained serious momentum. Having crossed the 100,000 signature threshold, the issue now awaits addressing by the Obama administration. The question then begs to be answered: is or has Pakistan been a state sponsor of terrorism in its checkered past?
With all due respect and within all my patriotic sensibilities, I believe the answer to be possibly – nay, probably – yes.
For as long as I can remember covering South Asian politics, Pakistan has been on the hook for spending nights in bed with the Americans with quickie afternoon siestas with home grown extremist groups. Frankly, we don’t have a leg to stand on because we lack irrevocable proof showing that we have completely shunned and cut off support to extremist groups responsible for some seriously crappy international events.​